Not Not – A review of a puzzling game called Not Not…

Not Not - A Brain-Buster by Alternative Shift - Review



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Not Not – A Brain-Buster by Alternative Shift

Not Not

Before we start, we need to say something. This is Not Not a review of a game called Not Not you will Not Not enjoy. Wow was that hard to read…

Not Not is an extremely simple puzzle game that does a great job at messing with your brain. Set on a square cube with simple instructions inscribed on each new side you run to, your mission in this gamer is to try not to get tricked by the annoyingly simple instructions.

Played using simple swipe controls to guide your player either up, down, left, or right, you’re mission is to speedily swipe in the direction your player is “supposed” to run. So, with around 2.5 seconds of thinking time and the message “Swipe Not Not Up!” which way do you swipe?

Although under no time pressure the answer seems pretty obvious, with a ticking time limit and over 30-40 of these simple problems to solve without messing up even once, you will soon realize just how evil this game truly is…😈

…Now, for players who have the ability to enjoy this “simple game”, you may wish to take a moment to admire the beautiful minimalist 3D graphics featured in Not Not. With nothing other than the speedily moving time limit to distract you, Not Not could be considered a beautiful minimalist game, or an evil game designed to make you focus on the one thing you wish to ignore, the time limit…

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The Conclusion

If you love simple puzzle games, and truly think you are “the one” with the ability to conquer this impossible monster of a puzzle game… Good luck…

Think you have what it takes? The download link is just below😉

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