Navy Base – Fun! …but how do you play…?

Navy Base by BermudaGames - Review


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Navy Base by BermudaGames

Navy Base one of many games we have checked out over the years that could greatly benefit from a slightly more in-depth tutorial as to how the game works… This is our potentially very inaccurate review of Navy Base…😅

Navy Base is a game that looks like a game. Featuring a colorful set of simplified battle ships, your mission in this game is to move your small, (sometimes very large), fleet of ships into position and take out the enemy! Pretty simple.

Featuring a gameplay system similar to that of most mobile chess games, moving ships around the stage is super easy and intuitive! In addition to intuitive (Touch and Drag) based controls, thanks to the well-documented ship types it is also incredibly easy to know just when and where a certain ship is needed… Except in battle…

If you somehow manage to find a tutorial or documentation on how to battle other ships please let us know in the comments section below.

What we know so far is, different ships have different levels of power, (visible in the upper left-hand corner of your ship’s piece), and so long as your power is equal to or greater than the enemy you are attacking, you can destroy any oncoming enemy forces. Although this all may sound rather simple, it literally took us 15 minutes of gaming to figure things out this far…

With the extra information you have read in our review so far you are “almost” fully equipped to play Navy Base. Unfortunately, there is one more mystery… “How the scoring system works.”

There are a few levels in Navy Base that just don’t seem to make sense, and make you begin to wonder just how feasible clearing the stage with 3 stars truly is…

The Conclusion

If we never fully understood Navy Base you may be wondering why on earth we published a review on it, and the simple answer is because it is a truly great game.

With a simple yet stylish set of graphics, a super fast enemy AI and plenty of levels for you to battle your way through, Navy Base is a great looking game we’re not exactly sure how to play just yet…😜 Hopefully, this review will be out of date soon…

Want to give Navy Base a try? The download link is just below.😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following