My Little Chaser – A game basically about Road Rage…

by BEESIDE - Review

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My Little Chaser by BEESIDE

Have you ever had someone cut into your lane while on the road? Although very annoying, hopefully, your immediate response WASN’T to ram your car into theirs or follow them home so that you can set their house on fire…🔥😈 …today’s game is even more sinister…

Set on a highway that cuts straight through a barren and empty desert, the game begins when your player (a Cactus / Cucumber like thing) is suddenly hit by another driver, leaving his car in ruins. The driver who crashed into you speeds away leaving only a few nuts and bolts behind. Your player, furious at the driver who destroyed his car takes it upon himself to find and do SOMETHING back to the one who destroyed his car…😱

…just slightly disturbing that this game is currently “featured” on the Apple App Store…🤨

Played by touching on the (Left and Right) sides of the screen in order to turn left and right as well as a few other swipe gestures such as a (Swipe Up) to boost and a (Swipe Down) to slow down, My Little Chaser (by BEESIDE) is an incredibly simple and easy game to both learn and play. Although the controls do have a tendency to sometimes be a little unresponsive…

The core gameplay is centered around collecting (Nuts and Bolts) we presume are clues to finding the guy who crashed into you(?) – we don’t really know – while trying to preserve as much (Oil) as possible. Oil is required for you to move your car left and right and is reduced by 1L each and every time you touch on the screen of your device.

Oil can also be found floating on the highway, which is very useful, especially considering just how many times you are going to be touching on the screen of your device…

With nice visuals, 3 different gameplay modes, (one of which didn’t seem to work for us), and a moderate number of Ads. My Little Chaser is a very “interesting” game, we didn’t exactly expect to find featured on the Apple App Store…

The Conclusion

Do you suffer from road rage? If so, this is a game you can use to take out all of that stress you feel getting to and from work. …hopefully, it won’t make you even more dangerous while on the road…

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