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Monkey Ropes by PlaySide - Review




Monkey Ropes by PlaySide

Are you an ice cool fan of the awesomely popular game Icy Ropes? If so, today we’ve got a game you 100% need to know about!

Monkey Ropes by PlaySide is the latest release in PlaySide’s (Rope Climbing) series and we must say, it has both its ups and downs…

For players who wished Icy Ropes had more action(!), you’re in luck! Monkey Ropes now features enemies, moving obstacles and platforms for you to work around and overall packs more excitement into the same simple gameplay system you already love and enjoy.

Now, as you may have already guessed, more action almost certainly means a more complex gameplay system and Monkey Ropes is no exception. If you rather playing games with a more balanced and streamlined gameplay system, Monkey Ropes may not be the game for you… You should probably stick with Icy Ropes…

In case you haven’t played either of the games mentioned in this review, both Icy Rope and Monkey Ropes feature a set of awesomely blocky 3D graphics that “not only get the job done” but also look adorably cute!

The Conclusion

Are you ready to set off on your next duo adventure, (This time in a jungle filled with everything from Deadly Piranhas to Burning Lava!), why not give Monkey Ropes a try?

What are you waiting for? The download link is just below😉

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