Lost Space – Every shot counts… literally…😅

Lost Space by Tangent Game Studios - Review

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Lost Space: Ascend by Tangent Game Studios

[better-reviews] Have you ever been lost in space? We haven’t, but you can bet it is probably pretty lonely out there with no WiFi… Today we’ve got a game you can keep on your phone for just in case you ever find yourself stranded somewhere far from our solar system with nothing to do. Think we’re crazy? You’ve obviously never heard of Elon Musk…

Lost Space: Ascend (by Tangent Game Studios) is a game that, for one, can obviously be played without an internet connection, but secondly will relentlessly kill you at the same place over and over again until you eventually seem to work out that you are probably supposed to avoid the shiny spinny spike things…

Played by touching and dragging anywhere on the screen of your device in order to charge up and fire a small black & white ball, your mission in this game is to bounce around a 2D obstacle course, collecting gems and trying not to die. …and, in case you were wondering, dying is probably the single easiest thing to do in this game…

In general, there are 2 main ways you can die in Lost Space. The first is simple, smash into something sharp or deadly. GAME OVER! 👾

The second is a lot more… annoying…? Each time you fire your player you will use 1 energy. Your player’s energy is finite meaning you need to collect crystal-like objects in order to replenish your supply of energy or risk being stranded in the middle of a deadly obstacle course. Although collecting energy isn’t too difficult, some walls you bounce off have the characteristic of stealing all of your player’s energy, essentially stranding you in space… GAME OVER… 👾

So that you don’t end up dying all the time, Tangent Game Studios has added a simple braking system which will allow you to stop your payer dead in its tracks the moment you tap on the screen of your device. This is useful, especially when you’re about to hit something dangerous, however you do need to remember that getting the most out of each shot is the key to success in this game because you only have a limited amount of energy…

The Conclusion

With mid-range visuals (nothing to complain about, but nothing overly exciting either), simple controls, and a well-balanced level based gameplay system that slowly increases in difficulty, Lost Space is a simple game we had quite a lot of fun playing. 😆

Want to give Lost Space: Ascend a try? The download link is just below.📲
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