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Lode Runner 1 by NEXON Company - Review



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Lode Runner 1 by NEXON Company

Are you a fan of classic retro style old school games? Whether you are a fan of retro games because you yourself are starting to get a little retro, or just because you like the feel of retro games we won’t ask… Either way, today we’ve got a game you’ll want to hear about…

Lode Runner 1 is a brand new re-design of a classic game you probably already love. Set in a very modern 2D stage, the game is played using all the same basic principles as the original, only with on-screen controls instead of physical keys and, a super modern flat design.

For players who have never had the chance to play the classic Lode Runner…
Lode Runner 1 is a 2D platformer game about collecting gold and avoiding enemies. Your player, (The Load Runner), is equipped with a gun capable of burning through the ground almost instantly which can be used to trap enemies and to make a speedy getaway.

Collect all the gold bars scattered around each stage and make it to the goal without getting caught and GAME CLEAR! Otherwise, you’re dead…💀

Featuring a set of better than average on screen controls, (Physical buttons are definitely better), a number of different characters to unlock(!), (a feature we don’t remember there being in the original), and a beautiful new flat design, Lode Runner 1 is a game retro gaming fans simply can’t resist!

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The Conclusion

If you’re a retro gaming fan and own a smartphone, this is pretty much a no brainer, get Lode Runner 1 now!

If not, Lode Runner 1 is a high-end 2D platformer for your smartphone with a minimal number of ads and excellent graphics. That’s it… Nothing special…😉

Want to give Lode Runner 1 a try? The download link is just below😉

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