Left Behind – So simple it’s painful…😫

by ZPLAY and FlexiPixie

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Left Behind by ZPLAY and FlexiPixie

People are spectacularly clumsy creatures. No matter how many times we practice something, there is always still room for improvement. Left Behind (by ZPLAY and FlexiPixie) is a beautifully annoying game that plays right into our human nature to make mistakes. Think there is no way you’d die playing the exact same stage 50 times in a row? …you’d be surprised…

Left Behind is a simple 2D platformer game that quite literally revolves around a tiny 2D planet. Set on a planet we are assuming is about to explode(?) – we have yet to even get to the end of level 1😫 – your mission in this game is to avoid a given number of obstacles in a given sequence without messing up and dying. With no option to continue, (no matter how close you are to completing the stage😭), Left Behind is one of those games that looks easy but definitely isn’t!

Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to Jump / Double-Jump, Left Behind is a typical platformer game with a very standard set of mobile platformer controls. In addition to simple controls, Left Behind, (in the lower levels at least), actually displays little green arrows indicating just when and where to jump in order to survive!

With all this helping you to survive, you would almost expect most players to find this game incredibly easy! …but unfortunately, people are not only clumsy, they are also very greedy…

Located in difficult and challenging places around the stage are small stars for you to collect. Although we’re not even sure whether or not collecting these stars is even required, the greedy “Perfect Score” lovers within us force us to try and collect one star after another, killing our player over and over again in the process…💀

Luckily for all of us, once you have collected a star once, it is yours forever meaning you won’t need to collect it twice or die over and over trying to collect it a second time.

With excellent graphics, a moderate number of Ads, and a gameplay system that kills players with the power of their own ego, Left Behind is yet another annoyingly simple game we both love and hate at the same time…😅

The Conclusion

If you’re in need of a game that is simple and easy to play, yet seemingly impossible to get to the end of, this is the game for you! After far too many deaths we have nearly made it to the end of Level 1 and we are looking forward to taking Level 2 sometime soon!

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