Leap On! – A Game That Defines Fun-ness!

Leap On! by Noodlecake Studios and Flying Pants Games - Review



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Leap On! by Noodlecake Studios and Flying Pants Games

Are you one of the many children who grew up with a large black mat suspended in the air by a strong metal frame in your back yard? If you are, chances are you know exactly what we are talking about, and exactly how much damage one of these devices can do…

Leap On! is a game about what is likely best described as a Digital Trampoline! Set in a virtual world made of your player, a dangerously spiky center piece that keeps you from flying off into cyberspace, and these massive white marshmallow like objects that can be bounced on, your mission in this game is to Have Fun! 😆

Played using a (One Touch Gameplay System) that allows you to rotate your player around the center piece on your screen clockwise by tapping and holding the screen of your device, Leap On! is a fairly simple game to play, until you discover power-ups!

In short, the power-ups in this game are insane! With a crazy number of boosters, exploding rocket things and a whole bunch of other power-ups we only half understand, it is extremely easy to get so caught up in collecting your next booster you don’t notice a black obstacle, (which you definitely don’t want to bounce on), speedily closing in from below and… GAME OVER💀

With an extremely addictive gameplay system, a minimal number of ads, and a slightly annoying Latest Stats Board on the home screen where you can monitor exactly how much time you’ve wasted playing this game instead of, working, studying, exercising, insert-word-here. This is a game you should only download if you have plenty of time on hand… 😅

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The Conclusion

So, are you one of the many fortunate children of this generation who grew up with a diabolical device of lost teeth, broken arms, and crushed little brothers? If so, this is a game you will likely find strangely nostalgic.

Are you ready to take your virtual bouncing skills to the next level?
Why not give Leap On! a try? The download link is just below.😉

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