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Keep Inside by Emre Rothzerg; A new way to play pong…

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When you’re all alone, with nothing to do, and no one to talk to, it can get pretty boring. For centuries Game Developers have tirelessly developed better and better “Single Player” games like solitaire, and sudoku to help lonely individuals pass time…

Keep Inside is a single player game that should never have been made. It’s basically pong, one of the first digital multiplayer games, in single-player mode! Playing this game ‘alone’ feels so wrong, it actually reminds us more of the fact that we are alone, than it does helping us forget about it…

If you’re looking for a game to play after you’ve just realized you have no friends, the whole world hates you, and your cat’s just died – ok now we’re just being silly – this isn’t the game… you’ll probably get suicidal…

Ok, let’s get real here – Keep Inside is actually a remarkably well built game based around the simple concept of keeping a bouncing ball inside a circle. Around the outer edge of the circle is a “racket” very similar to the ones you’ll find in pong.

By tapping on either the left or right side of the screen, you can rotate the racket around the circle in order to continually bounce the ball back into the center of the circle. It’s a remarkably simple and fun concept, and as long as you’re a little coordinated it’s not too hard to play.

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The Conclusion

If you used to play pong and would like a bit of a change, or if you happen to be on a bus or train – where it would look really weird to suddenly ask the guy sitting next to you to play multiplayer pong with you – Keep Inside is definitely the way to go.


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