Just Rolling – Our review of a game so simple it doesn’t even need a review…!?

Just Rolling by Windforce Games - Review


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Just Rolling by Windforce Games

Do you love the word “Simplicity?” Do you think that books, movies, and even games are best in their simplest forms? If so, today we’ve got a game that isn’t “a minimalist game”, but definitely is one of the simplest games we’ve seen…

Just Rolling is a ball game about, well… just rolling… Your mission in this game is to guide a rolling ball past, over, around, and sometimes even through obstacles of all different shapes and sizes without hitting anything.

If you’ve ever worked as a 5 year old, and specialised in playing, sleeping, and eating, chances are you’ve already played a game similar to Just Rolling in real life, although back then, you probably didn’t use a touchscreen to control your player…

Your ball in this game rolls at a constant leftward or rightward angle that can be switched by tapping on the screen of your device. Using these angle switching controls, you’ll be required to zigzag your way around obstacles a little like a soccer training drill.

For players who enjoy games that can be played without practice (i.e. they just make sense), Just Rolling is literally one of the plainest games we’ve ever seen. With no crazy obstacles, simple controls, and most importantly – set at a playable speed, you could almost remake Just Rolling in real life.

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The Conclusion

Do you like games that you can just play? No getting used to required? If so, Just Rolling is one of the best, but is also one of the plainest.

In exchange for a gameplay system that can be understood and played by anyone in a matter of seconds, Just Rolling isn’t extra exciting or surprising in any way, meaning you probably won’t want to play this game for 12 hours straight…😓

Want to master a game in 2 seconds? The download link is just below😉

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