Just Orbit – …or better still, Just Game Over…😢

Just Orbit by particlemade - Review


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Just Orbit by particlemade

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

Fall down 6 times, get up 7… It doesn’t really work once you reach 9,999…💀

Before we even start our review this is a quick disclaimer, Just Orbit is a game that “feels” great joy in killing its players. Although some may argue that this is impossible because games don’t have feelings… and you would be 100% correct… This game is still evil so proceed with caution.

Just Orbit is a game that could be best described as trying to rescue a bean that was accidentally dropped into a food slicing processor at full speed. We know, it’s impossible…

The game is played by tapping on the screen of your device the moment 1 of 2 spinning orbs align directly over a dot positioned somewhere around the outer edge of the circle your two orbs orbit. If you thought that was hard to read – or at least understand – playing the game is even harder.

Your 2 orbs spin at a tremendous speed making it incredibly difficult to judge just when to tap. Luckily for the “Ultra Skilled” players who can actually manage to score a point in this game, Just Orbit doesn’t seem to have a time limit meaning you can take your time when it comes to celebrating your mental timing.

Although this probably isn’t going to be enough for the majority of players…

With beautifully minimalist graphics, no excess functionality, (what you see is what you get), and not too many ads considering just how many times you are GOING TO DIE with a score of 0, this game could almost be considered generous.

…just not quite generous enough to let you win…

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The Conclusion

If you have a crazy amount of skill you would like to waste on a simple game instead of trading high-speed stocks or something on Wall Streat, this is the game for you. However, if you do have that sort of skill, we would question your choice to waste it on a free mobile game like this…

Want to give Just Orbit a try? The download link is just below.📲
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