Jumping Joe! – Swipe, Jump, and Don’t Fall Down!

Jumping Joe! by FISHLABS - Review



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Jumping Joe! by FISHLABS

It isn’t every day you see a simple 2D swipe based jumper game launched by the creators of Galaxy on Fire, “likely the highest quality mobile game currently on the market!” So you can only imagine how excited we were to check it out…

Jumping Joe! is nothing like Galaxy on Fire. Set in a 2D world of platforms leading forever up, your mission in this game is to flip your way up a never-ending staircase of platforms in an attempt to escape from a forever rising lake of Lava… Sounds like hell…💀

Played using an extremely intuitive set of (Swipe Controls) to quickly bounce your player up and onto the next “safe” platform, Jumping Joe! is an extremely easy game to play. So long as your eyes are open and you have the ability to recognize dangerous looking objects you “should” be great at playing this game… Not really…

Based around a similar gameplay concept to most Boom Bit games, Jumping Joe! is basically just another left or right action/puzzle game with an extremely intuitive set of swipe controls. Although this definitely isn’t a bad thing, if you were expecting something more you’ll probably be a little disappointed.

With three gameplay modes to choose from, a pre-unlocked Endless Mode, and 2 unlockable modes called Race Mode and Hero Mode, Jumping Joe! has plenty of functionality and an abundance of unlockable characters, customizations, and powerups.

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The Conclusion

Overall Jumping Joe! is a really awesome little 2D game. The gameplay system is simple and easy to understand, the graphics are on par with most other high-end 2D games and there really isn’t all that much more you can ask for.

All this said, because Galaxy on Fire is just so shockingly amazing, it’s difficult not to feel just a little disappointed…

Want to give Jumping Joe! a try? The download link is just below

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