Jelly Boom – A mid-range puzzle game that could be better…

Jelly Boom by DROIDHEN LIMITED - Review


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Are you a puzzle game fan that rushes to try out every new and exciting match 3 puzzle game that hits the Apple App Store and Google Play? Well, today we’ve got a game you “don’t” need to try…

Jelly Boom is another Candy Crush style match 3 puzzle game for iOS and Android that unfortunately didn’t exactly meet our expectations… For anyone who has played Backyard BlastJelly Juice, or any other one of the many match 3 puzzle games we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews, chances are today’s game is going to feel a little lacking…

Although the controls, the design, and the overall sense of cuteness that colors even the smallest details in this game may seem great at first, after playing through the first few levels you soon notice some key differences.

For one, the animations aren’t exactly great. Where most modern match 3 puzzle games feature vibrant colors, life-like animations, and small visual effects that aren’t exactly necessary yet are still very nice, Jelly Boom only features the bare minimum…

Although minimal animations aren’t exactly a bad thing, Jelly Boom also features a gameplay system that almost leads its players into advertising which – although understandable – isn’t exactly the best user experience.😅

As a review site, we normally don’t feature games we can’t honestly recommend playing. But with so many levels and features, it almost seems wasteful not to feature a game with so much potential…

The Conclusion

Would we recommend downloading this game right now? “NO.” However, given a few tweaks and updates to the overall user experience, (and we believe Jelly Boom has the potential to become a truly great game!) …it’s just not quite there yet…

If you desperately need a match 3 puzzle game other than Candy Crush why not give Backyard Blast or Jelly Juice a try?

If you desperately want to give Jelly Boom a try, The download link is just below.📲
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  • Intuitiveness 6
  • Addictiveness 5
  • Graphics 6
  • Price 10
  1. Najwa says

    I don’t know how to plat level 202 from jelly boom game 🙁

    1. Edamame says

      It can get pretty challenging I assume… I don’t think we got quite that far during our testing phases before our review.