It’s Raining… Boxes?! – What on earth is going on?

It's Raining... Boxes?! by linkychan ...maybe...?


It’s Raining… Boxes?! by linkychan …maybe…?

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

Today we are reviewing a game we know almost nothing about. Who designed it, who developed it, who actually made this game, we do not know. …however, we do know one thing, this game is awesomely fun…!

It’s Raining… Boxes?! is a game about escaping a flood by building a tower using blocks that rain from the sky. Why blocks are raining from the sky and causing a flood is yet another question we do not know the answer to, however, your mission in this game is simple and clear, stay dry and try not to get crushed under any falling blocks.

Played using 3 simple (On-Screen Buttons), Move-Left, Move-Right, and Jump, It’s Raining… Boxes?! allows you to re-arrange blocks by pushing them around with your character, making it “easier” for you to escape from situations in which you are pretty much trapped.

The physics in this game is also very interesting in that blocks that would normally never balance one another on earth sit nicely upon one another – until an earthquake hits, or your platform starts tilting to one side… When that happens, all chaos breaks loose…

When researching this game for information on who actually developed It’s Raining… Boxes?! we stumbled upon an HTML5 based browser version of the game that is frankly much easier to play thanks to the physical clicky keys on your keyboard. You can check the browser version out here.

The mobile version of the game is probably HTML5 based and begins to lag the longer you survive. For anyone who really likes this game, we would recommend you play on a PC or Mac with more processing power, RAM, and physical keys.

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The Conclusion

It’s Raining… Boxes?! is the first game we really-really like and have no idea who the actual creator is. Whoever created this game, we love it and highly recommend it to anyone wanting a fun little game they can play anytime, anywhere!

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