Invaders… From Space! – You are now Earth’s worst enemy…

Invaders... From Space! by The Frosty Pop Corps - Review



Invaders… From Space! by The Frosty Pop Corps

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

The moment you download this game, you are essentially taking your first step to becoming the worst enemy our planet has ever faced. With an almost endless supply of asteroid sized missiles and the ability to control the rotation of Earth itself(!) is there any hope for our small blue planet…? Well, yes, because you’re horrible at video games.😜

As you are already well aware, Invaders… From Space! is a game about invading planet Earth. Unfortunately, invading a planet isn’t actually as easy as you may think. For one, you have to land a hit where it will actually do some significant damage to the inhabitants of that planet, and since 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, that can be difficult…

That’s why your mission in this game is to rotate planet Earth in order to align missiles with their target location on our small round planet. This game is played using a mixture of swipe, 2 finger swipe, and Force Touch controls, (sorry Android users😢), which in all honesty can be rather confusing…

In addition to confusing controls, your superiors (i.e. the people dropping the bombs) do a fabulous job (not) giving you enough time to rotate Earth into the correct position to land a meaningful hit… As if to make matters worse, miss 3 times and you’re out! GAME OVER👾

Although having a hopeless enemy commander in a real space war would be awesome! In a video game where you have to actively work along side that hopeless commander in order to destroy the Earth, Invaders… From Space! is a game that will make you glad you don’t destroy planets as a full-time job…

With neon style 3D graphics, 3 levels of difficulty to switch between, and a minimal number of ads, Invaders… From Space! is a game you may actually enjoy, depending on how much you hate our planet. 🌏😠

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The Conclusion

Is destroying earth at the top of your bucket list. If so, why not give this game a try? Perhaps you will realize just how big a job destroying a planet with 7.4 billion people actively working against you really is.

Want to give Invaders… From Space! a try? The download link is just below.📲
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