Icarus – A game about speed, accuracy, and the edge of your display…

Icarus - A Star's Journey by PlaySide - Review




Icarus – A Star’s Journey by PlaySide

Congratulations speedy action gamers! Today we’ve got a new and rather beautiful game from the PlaySide Team where – with a little speed – nothing can get in your path! …except perhaps the edge of your display…

Icarus is a new type of jumper game based on speed and accuracy. Featuring a simple set of touch and drag controls, the game is played by simply touching on the player and dragging back to charge, and releasing to fire. Unlike a lot of popular jumper games on the App Store, this game is not played using tilt controls meaning you can play it on a flat surface or in a bumpy car or train!

As if to complement Icarus’s simple gameplay system, the obstacles in this game are actually surprisingly mild and will mostly deflect you off to one side and that’s about it. Except for a few perfectly positioned deadly obstacles we manage to keep on hitting, the most deadly obstacles in this game are in fact the edges of your smartphone’s screen.

As we said above, when you hit normal obstacles you will mostly just get deflected off to one side of the screen and that’s about it. …Unless you’re traveling fast, which you will be 90% of the time.

Your player has a limited amount of “health/energy” it can carry before it must regain energy at a “star/checkpoint” meaning you will need to move relatively quickly throughout the game. …Which means more chance of making mistakes… You will often slam into an obstacle at high speed, shoot off the screen and Game Over meaning the biggest killers in this entire game are actually the edges of your smartphone’s display💀

Lastly, the graphics in this game are beautiful. Featuring a nice mystical look a little like the graphics in the insanely popular Monument Valley, the graphics in Icarus should be popular among players who loved Monument Valley’s mystic look. If that happens to be you we highly recommend you give Icarus a try.

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The Conclusion

Speedy Gameplay, Mistic Graphics, and a low number of Deadly Obstacles. Is Icarus just the game you’ve always been waiting for? You’ll soon find out…

The download link is just below😉

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