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A space invaders like game made entirely of symbols...?


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iA Iconic by iA Labs GmbH; A space invaders like game made entirely of symbols…?

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Have you ever looked at the letter (ℑ) and thought, “Wow, that looks like an ear!” or mistaken the letter (λ) for a running man? If you have, maybe you should try for a job at “iA Labs”, because todays game is made entirely from symbols…

If you’ve been following along with our reviews lately, you’ll have probably noticed how popular “Space Invader type” space shooters have been lately…😅  So, after reviewing around 10 brilliant space shooters within about 2 months, we were sure that there was nothing “new” that could possibly surprise us… We were wrong… “very” wrong…

iA Iconic is a classic space shooter made entirely from symbols. The spaceship, the enemies and even the blue laser blast, are made from symbols! What!?

Whoever had the amazing idea of making a game like this needs a pat on the back, because this game is a game every geek needs! With simple “Tilt” or “Slider” controls – we prefer Tilt controls – and the entire screen acting as a “Fire” button, iA Iconic is fun and easy to play, but most importantly “awesome to look at.”

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The Conclusion

The way the icons we see and use every day add together to make a massive enemy monster is simply awesome!

If you love computers, this is a game we really recommend you try.

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