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Hyspherical 2 by Monkeybin; a game that truly lives up to its name…

Hyspherical One was described by its developer as “A game that looks beautiful but may just bring out the ugliness in you!” Hyspherical 2 is the powered up little brother of this evil game, and really lives up to its reputation…

For a game with no time limit, no distractions, and a soothing sound track, it is quite amazing how frustrated this game can make you. The aim of the game is to simply get a number of circles to all rotate around the edge of a shape without colliding into one another. That’s it, it’s pure timing, and yet that perfect timing is nearly impossible to get.

For the first 11 levels, Hyspherical 2 pretty much gives you the win. It’s easy and you begin to wonder whether the game is ever going to get any harder. Get to level 11 or above and you’ll regret everything. You’ll begin to hate the lady and the cat smiling at your failure from the bottom of the stage select screen and wonder if they knew from the very beginning how much pain and suffering they were going to inflict on you!

If you’re used to action or arcade games, you’ll probably find this game rather stressful, but if you’re a puzzle lover that likes to just take your time at things, Hyspherical 2 with no time limits is by no means impossible nor annoying, you just need to have enough time and patience to solve it…

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The Conclusion

So if you’d like a game you can ponder over, scratch your head, call your uncle for help, and still have time to play some more. Hyspherical 2 with no time limits is the game for you.

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