Hyperburner – The closest thing to a Mobile VR Experience?

Hyperburner by Bad Potion - Review



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Hyperburner by Bad Potion

First off, we apologize for our misleading title… To be fair, the closest thing to a “true” Mobile VR Experience as of the present is most likely Google Daydream.That being said, if you’re after an awesomely immersive 3D space racer/avoider game that isn’t VR, here it is…

Hyperburner is a jaw-droppingly beautiful 3D space racer/avoider game for your smartphone(!) with the potential to shock you into a wonderstruck coma of excitement! Set in a number of seemingly uninhabited superstructures, your mission in this game is to fly through each stage without smashing your ship to bits.

Played using a surprisingly responsive set of (Touch and Drag) controls, Hyperburner is simple and easy to play, just so long as you don’t get too caught up on enjoying the graphics. With graphics that look more like an action scene from a movie(!), this is a game we desperately wish we could play in VR…

With 6 zones to explore, (each with 5 separate levels) + an endless mode to really test out your skills, Hyperburner is most likely the best space racer/avoider game available on the Apple App Store and Google Play to date.

Although we would love to find 1 negative aspect to point out just to prove that this game isn’t perfect, unfortunately, we can’t see how this game could be any better using the mobile processing technology currently available to consumers. Perhaps we will see a better game when manufacturers eventually figure out how to fit a desktop grade GeForce GTX 1080 ti into a smartphone…

If you prize yourself for playing super high-quality games, Hyperburner is a game you need to have…

The Conclusion

With beauty, functionality, and immersive-ness, paired with an awesome soundtrack and no Ads to intrude on the core gaming experience, Hyperburner is a truly amazing game at a price everyone can afford…

What are you waiting for? The download link is just below😉

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  • Intuitiveness
  • Addictiveness
  • Graphics
  • Price