Horizon – Gone are the days of minimalistic Ketchapp?

Horizon by Ketchapp and Monkeyfood - Review

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Horizon by Ketchapp and Monkeyfood

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For a while, the words “Ketchapp” and “Minimalistic” almost seemed to go hand in hand. In fact, almost every ultra-popular minimalistic game we can think of was either published by Ketchapp, or was probably designed to look like a game Ketchapp would publish…😅 …but it seems trends have moved on, and so has Ketchapp…

Horizon (by Ketchapp and Monkeyfood) is the first really good looking game we have seen from Ketchapp. Published almost simultaneously to (Sky Rusher by Voodoo) we can’t help but feel that Horizon is Ketchapp’s response to Voodoo’s challenge, and at the moment, we think Ketchapp may actually be winning! …at least winning when it comes down to graphics, that is…

Horizon looks amazing! If you thought Mediocre – the guys behind Smash HitDoes not Commute, and PinOut! – was the only company capable of making visually stunning games work on mobile, well you’ll have to think again…

Set in a beautifully illuminated neon colored 3D world, your mission in this game is to pilot a somewhat minimalistic spacecraft past countless obstacles as you make your way through the many different stages of this game. Played using simple swipe-based controls (i.e. Touch and Drag) in order to move your ship left and right across the screen, there do seem to be a few different special techniques you can use to escape dangerous situations (such as a barrel roll). Unfortunately, we aren’t all that great at executing these maneuvers so that’s about all we can say here.😭

With a whole heap of different ships for you to unlock, not too many Ads, and more player stats than we have ever seen in a game like this; you will be given an accurate graph of your highest scores, your average score, how many games you’ve played, how many Barrel Roles you’ve done, EVERYTHING!!

Last but not least, because we are reviewers, please let us complain. Ketchapp is now using a crazily overpriced Premium Subscription option. For only $11.49 per week(!?) you will be able to Revive your ship for free, receive 150 Gems a day, and play without Ads… This pricing almost feels like as scam…

The Conclusion

Although we don’t have any evidence to back up our theory, Horizon is the most beautiful game we’ve seen from Ketchapp to date and may be the start of a cold war between the two most popular indie-publishing giants – Ketchapp and Voodoo… We can’t wait to see how this plays out…😆

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