Hoppy Hoop – A 99% chance of Death…

Hoppy Hoop by Smilerush - Review


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Hoppy Hoop by Smilerush

As usual, we were not hired or paid to feature this game. If it’s bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad.

If you’re a competitive gamer, you are likely already well aware of the term”Hit Windows.” Hit Windows are the small openings between frames that allow an experienced player to make a speedy counter-attack, break an opponent’s seemingly impenetrable guard, etc. Normally not a term used in casual gaming…

Hoppy Hoop is a casual game that acts more like a training device for competitive pro-gamers. Set on a simple 2D stage, your mission in this game is to jump through a hoop and over 3 spikes without touching anything. A great start…

Now, actually managing to achieve that perfect jump which sends your player gracefully flying over all the obstacles without dying is difficult. …VERY DIFFICULT…!!!

In our experience, the game seems to give you a window of approximately 0.1 to 0.2 seconds in which you can tap on the screen of your device and successfully jump through/over everything without dying. Miss this moment and there is a 99% chance you are dead.💀 GAME OVER👾

Stating that this game is difficult is an understatement. Unless you are a dead serious gamer looking for a game which can train the accuracy of your lighting fast reaction time, we really can’t think of a player with the skill to “actually enjoy” this game…

Even our review team struggle to play Hoppy Hoop…

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The Conclusion

If you’re the type of gamer that finds yourself “Rage Quitting” far too often, this likely isn’t going to end well for either you or your smartphone.😭

However, we must admit, although we can’t honestly say we like this game, we did continue playing it for a lot longer than we originally expected…

So, are you wanting to give Hoppy Hoop a try? The download link is just below.📲
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  • Intuitiveness 4
  • Addictiveness 4
  • Graphics 7
  • Price 10

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