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Hand of God - Top Clicker & Tap Games by Playgendary - Review




Hand of God – Top Clicker & Tap Games by Playgendary

Have you ever wanted to dive into your tv and punch a guy who deserves to be hit, but due to the complications of the movie you are watching gets away with almost anything? If so, today we’ve got a game that was practically designed for you(!), and “Yes” you do get to punch a bunch of annoying guys.

Hand of God is a game about you, (a.k.a. The god of your smartphone), and the tiny digital people living within your smart device. After dropping one of your many fluffy pets into the world these digital people live in and having it treated like a monster, you get a little fed up and decide to show these tiny people the power of the Hand of God! …or at least the Finger of God, as you furiously tap on the screen of your device…

Played using a set of controls compatible with anything smarter than or equal to a Neanderthal, your mission in this game is to tap on anything that moves in order to crush it under the immense weight of the Finger of God. Pretty Simple.😅 

As you progress through the game there are a number of new and more powerful skills you can use to destroy those who oppose you, plus a number of different pets with deadly abilities for you to drop down into the world below causing havoc among the people you are probably supposed to be caring for. You can also merge pets together in order to generate creatures with extra deadly abilities.

Overall the concept itself is very simple, “Destroy all those who oppose you before your pet dies and you win!”, otherwise “GAME OVER” …unless of course you want pay gems or watch an Ad…😜

With a nice set of Crossy Road style pixelated 3D graphics, an abundance of features for you to discover and a minimal number of ads, Hand of God is one of the few games in which you have ultimate power!🔥

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The Conclusion

Are you tired of being bossed around? Think it’s about time you showed the world (inside your smartphone) what you are capable of? Perhaps you play just a few too many video games…

Look after your smartphone…😓

Want to give Hand of God a try? The download link is just below.😉

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