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Golf Zero by Colin Lane Games - Review




Golf Zero by Colin Lane Games

Have you ever played golf normally? (i.e. outside of a video game) If so, chances are you already know that golf isn’t just a game about hitting a ball with a glorified weapon, in fact, golf is a game about walking from hole to hole nonstop… in 40-degree heat…

Golf Zero is a ridiculously awesome golf game that seems to be somewhere between a 2D platformer, and an action movie packed with slow-motion effects! Set on some of the most insane / impossible stages you could ever imagine, your mission in this game is to get as close to each hole as possible before slowing time for 3 seconds and smashing a hole in one!

If this doesn’t sound like golf to you don’t worry, you’re not alone. Filled with spikes, jump enhancing springs, spinning saw blades, and much, much more, this game will make you wonder what golf is like in the world of Super Mario Brothers…😓

Played using standard Left/Right buttons together with a Jump and Fire button, Golf Zero is played pretty much like a standard platformer until you approach your target, the hole. When you are in range of your target, you can slow time for just 3 seconds by pressing the fire button on the screen of your device. During these 3 seconds, you will be required to aim and fire up to 3 golf balls all at once! …not an easy task…

Luckily, as long as you always manage to sink your ball first try, you will never really need to worry about whether your player survives or not. As long as you sink the ball you are good to go💀

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The Conclusion

With high-quality pixel graphics, an awesome gameplay system, and 40 stages to play through so far, Golf Zero is a game we highly recommend you try out.

Want to give Golf Zero a try? The download link is just below😉

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