GLOBE – 360° Galactic Action

by ZPLAY and Optimum Games - Review

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GLOBE by ZPLAY and Optimum Games

[better-reviews] Do you both love and hate 3D games on mobile? Although most modern smartphones have both a display and the processing power required to make 3D gaming on a mobile phone both look and feel great, unfortunately, developers aren’t always the best at developing controls that make navigating a 3D space easy or intuitive…

GLOBE (by ZPLAY and Optimum Games) is a 3D space shooter played using classic 2D space shooter controls. Set in the skies above a tiny 3D globe, your mission in this game is to fly around this small planet and rescue stranded astronauts without colliding with any asteroids or invading aliens.

Played by touching on the left or right sides of the screen in order to turn left or right, GLOBE is incredibly simple and easy to both learn and play, making it the perfect combination of 2D and 3D for people looking for something both easy and beautiful! Unfortunately, every game has its downfalls and GLOBE is no exception…

With a wide variety of upgrades you can make to your spaceship, (in order to make playing the game just a little easier), GLOBE prices these upgrades so high, we expect a lot of players will probably give up before ever having the chance to experience just how much fun GLOBE is to play with an extra powerful spacecraft. Although there are at least 3 places within the game where you can watch an Ad in exchange for 500 Space Dust, most players probably won’t be willing to sit through 8 or 10 two-minute Ads just to upgrade their spaceship…

That being said, once you do eventually manage to upgrade your ship, GLOBE becomes awesome! With enemies and asteroids constantly bombarding you from every direction imaginable, upgrading your ship makes playing this game just that much more fun and enjoyable!

Although there are small (non-permanent) upgrades you can make to your ship each time you complete a level, this doesn’t really help, especially if your goal is to upgrade your ship’s base stats.

Featuring a very creative comic strip style Intro and Game Over screen, beautiful graphics, and simple controls, there isn’t much more you could want from this game! …besides more Space Dust… you could always use more Space Dust in GLOBE…

The Conclusion

Are you ready to defend earth from invading aliens while rescuing your friends stranded in space? GLOBE is just a click (or tap) away!

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