Kasumushi Corp’s latest game is Awesome – GAPS😆




  • Intuitiveness
  • Addictiveness
  • Graphics
  • Price
GAPS is the 3rd game from KASUMUSHI we’ve featured on Edamame Reviews and is by far the best game we’ve seen from the new indie team… If only we were actually good at playing the game…

GAPS (by KASUMUSHI) is a colorful new game that puts your ability to find gaps in between moving obstacles to the test. Featuring a similar visual aesthetic to the ultra-popular Color Switch (by Fortafy Games) instead of waiting for same colors to align on a spinning color wheel, your mission in this game is to wait for gaps to appear in between spinning color wheels.

Played by simply tapping on the screen of your device in order to fire a ball up at the white “Core” at the center of the rotating color wheels, GAPS doesn’t give players the luxury of an instant GAME OVER when you mess up. Instead, GAPS simply cuts a huge chunk out of your already rather short time limit, tormenting players to desperately try again and again in hopes of saving their high score… Sometimes you can save your high score, while other times you can’t, either way, it is an evil system that definitely works, GAPS is very addictive…

If you are incredibly skilled at Color Switch, you may actually be able to collect the stars that can sometimes be found rotating around the core. Using “100” of the stars you collect, you can unlock 1 of 30 unique skins.

Thankfully for players (like us…🤔 ok maybe not all of us…😅) who aren’t the best at these types of games, you can also watch a quick 30 second Ad for 100 stars which definitely helps. Thanks, KASUMUSHI…

With a simplistic design, not too many Ads, and a small bug that currently allows players to choose to “Continue” playing indefinitely, GAPS is a fun little game we highly recommend to anyone who is in need of a colorful new game that ISN’T another Color Switch clone…

The challenges you are faced with once you reach level 30-40 are totally insane!

The Conclusion

If you (like us) have been following KASUMUSHI for a while now, you may remember our reviews of SQUARCLE and DEFLECT. They were both good games, however, they weren’t excellent…

GAPS is the first game from KASUMUSHI we can honestly recommend to almost anyone with confidence that they are about to have a lot of fun!😆

Want to give GAPS a try? The download link is just below.📲
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