Fat Bunny – Can you resist this level of cuteness?

Fat Bunny: Endless Hopper by Groovy Antoid- Pre-Review


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Fat Bunny: Endless Hopper by Groovy Antoid

Some things are just too good to wait for! Why wait till a game is officially released before you review it… Well, a lot of reasons actually, but this is our review of Fat Bunny! A game that is still in development.

Just to make things clear, Fat Bunny is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Early Access but you may experience some bugs so be careful. We are just reviewing this game because we like cute and fluffy animals! 😀

For anyone who has ever downloaded a game based purely on how cute the characters looked, this is a game that will likely end up on your smartphone sometime in the near future. Played using a simple (One Touch) gameplay system that allows you to launch your rabbit from one hill to another by (Touching and Holding / Releasing) to jump, this game is both extremely easy to play and extremely easy to mess up…

The aim of the game is to jump from one plane of level ground to another while avoiding steep-hills, lakes, etc. and collecting as many carrots as you can possibly carry! Figuring things out is fairly easy and shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes.

With no errors (so far😅), a number of different cute and cuddly skins for you to unlock, and who know what more to come(!) this is a game we are seriously looking forward to reviewing once the full version is officially released!

Cute games are the best.😙

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The Conclusion

Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly fair to conclude a review of a game that is still in development, and so all we can say is, “Fat Bunny is a super cute game we are extremely excited to review in the near future!”

If you’re interested in giving this game a try, (like us), it shouldn’t be too hard to get Early Access, although you may be required to jump through a few hoops in the process.

(Literally) can’t wait until the release date? The download link is just below.😉

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