Fart Commander : Let the Fart Prank War Begin!

by Balloon Knot Games and the developers of Fart Commander


Introducing the first and only fart app that allows you to make fart sounds go off on other people’s phones or tablets

Send a Fart Bomb

Embarrass your friends from anywhere, at any time!

Choose from one of 75 available fart sounds to sound off on your friend’s phone, at just the right moment (on a date, in school, in a meeting, etc…)

♦ Choose a friend
♦ Select a fart sound
♦ Boom! Fart prank delivered

Random Fart Sounds

Embarrass your friends from anywhere, at any time!

Just want to have some fart prank fun without sending fart bombs?

♦ Choose the random fart sound option
♦ Set the optional delay timer
♦ Set an optional number of repeated random fart sounds
♦ Press the big red fart button
♦ The rest is up to your imagination


There are 20 ranks, from Gentle Puffer to Lord of Farts. Ranking up is easy and rewarding…

♦ Send fart bombs to friends
♦ Play incoming fart bombs
♦ Get point multipliers for your auto volume level and ranking
♦ Gain exclusive access to new fart prank technologies as we release them

* Don’t worry, you can always disable incoming fart sounds


We have even more revolutionary fart prank activities and weapons to unleash on the world, but first, we need a formidable legion.

Sneak Peek: They’re location-based
♦ Fart Commander is the newest, best fart app there is and it’s only going to get better.
♦ Once we build an army we will be implementing state-of-the-art fart prank technologies unlike anything ever before.
♦ The faster we build an army, the sooner we’ll start revealing our cutting-edge fart prank activities and fart sound weapons

Enlist now, recruit other soldiers, and let the fart sound war begin!



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