Dungeon, Inc. – Fraud, Tax Evasion, and Slavery are only just the beginning…

Dungeon, Inc. by PikPok - Review



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Dungeon, Inc. by PikPok

Every corporation has its dark side… Some darker than others… Today we’ve got a game about a corporation featuring “only” a dark side…

Dungeon, Inc. is a game about what may be the world’s darkest corporation! Working in almost all areas of fraud, and committing pretty much every illegal act imaginable, your mission in this game is to manage this hellhole of a company without losing your head!
…Not the easiest thing to do…

Played in pretty much the same fashion as any other “company manager” type game, such as Charming Keep or Doomsday Clicker, your primary role consists of opening new floors, (or dungeons in this case), and choosing which floors to upgrade in order to produce the best overall outcome for your corporation.

Although the jobs your colleagues are performing on each floor are often somewhat questionable, (i.e. painting rocks to look like gold?, Photocopying gold to make more gold?, and Mining for actual gold?), it is probably in your best interests that you don’t dig too deep… otherwise💀

Now, every so often the formidable “Tax Office” we storm your dungeon in an attempt to collect what they believe is rightly theirs. In order to prevent this from happening, one job you will be required to carry out is setting up guards on each floor ready to fight the Auditing Squad to death! Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest thing to do, and so we ended up paying about 75 Trillion Gold in taxes… 

Last but not least, every so often – once your company is big enough to have a large insurance payout – you are given the job of burning your dungeon down and starting over again. Although this may sound like the last thing you would ever want to consider doing, there are a number of items that will boost your productivity by an insane percentage that can “only” be acquired using the insurance payout you receive.

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The Conclusion

If creating an empire built on illegal activity has always been your dream, chances are you’ve just found a game you NEED on your smartphone. Seriously, don’t even consider trying this in real life… the results will be…💀

Ready to start your career in crime? The download link is just below😉

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