Drop Wizard Tower – Casting Spells Isn’t Easy…

Drop Wizard Tower by Nitrome - Review



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Drop Wizard Tower by Nitrome

Are you a fan of, Leap DayRedungeonHop Swap, or Silly Sausage? If so, today we’ve got another great game from the Nitrome Team you’re about to fall in love with…❤️

Drop Wizard Tower is a semi-retro style game centered around a super-cute wizard and a tower filled with enemies you’ll wish weren’t enemies. i.e. The enemies in this game are so cute it will break your heart to think that your job is to quite literally obliterate them…😭

Once you’ve finished crying inside and are ready to play the game properly, Drop Wizard Tower is played using a simple set of 3 on-screen buttons which allow you to move, fire special attacks and trigger a number of different chain reactions you’ll need to make use of in order to survive.

Starting out with a total of 4 lives, your mission in this game is to climb as high up this tower of doom and cuteness as possible before you finally die and Game Over. In order to move up the tower, you must defeat all the enemies wandering around each floor/level which, needless to say, requires some rather serious skill.

Each floor is made up of a series of platforms which, both your player and your enemies can freely move about. Each time your player drops down a platform it will automatically cast a spell in whatever direction you are facing stunning the first enemy it touches. As soon as an enemy is stunned it’s your chance to speedily bump into it sending it wildly flying around the stage and destroying any other enemies it happens to collide with.

Difficult to play? Not Really. Difficult to explain? DEFINITELY! 

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The Conclusion

If you’ve ever played a game by Nitrome and loved it the answer is simple. Get This Game!

Otherwise, Drop Wizard Tower is a slightly tricky, yet ultra cute platformer game players who loved playing 2D platformer games on their “now old” portable gaming consoles will struggle not to fall in love with…❤️

Ready to start your magical adventure? The download link is just below😉

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