Doomsday Clicker – This game is pure genius!

Doomsday Clicker by PikPok - Review



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Doomsday Clicker by PikPok

If you owned an incredible number of doomsday bunkers and a bomb that could end the world for 98% of earth’s population, plus you also happened to be evil, what would you do? …Simple, make sack loads of money!!!

Doomsday Clicker may be the single worst game we have ever featured on Edamame Reviews. This is not because the game is bad, in fact, it is quite the opposite! The game itself features high-end graphics and an incredible level of functionality you’ll simply fall in love with! …but the story…

The story behind Doomsday Clicker is awful! …and a little hilarious at the same time…

Based on the evil concept of selling bunkers to the few remaining rich humans on planet earth, your mission in this game is to use the money you gain to build more bunkers to get more $$$, upgrade bunkers so you can charge more $$$, and cause more disasters that result in mutated humans that can pay more $$$…

Although an evil concept we hope no one ever tries in real life, Doomsday Clicker is an incredibly fun and enjoyable game where a few billion dollars can easily be made and used up in just a few quick taps.

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if one of the villains in a Marvel/DC movie or comic actually succeeded in taking over the world, chances are this is pretty much what would happen…

The Conclusion

Has world domination always been your dream? Are you secretly working on a diabolical device to wipe out the human race? If so, you should probably ditch your plans and play this game before you accidentally blow yourself up…💀

Want to destroy the world? The download link is just below😉

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