Developer Tool Ranking – What Developers Use Most🔨

(Updated) 14th of September 2017

Developer Tool Ranking

500+ Developers, 62 Countries, Way too many games!

After interviewing over 500+ Game Developers from 62 Different Countries around the world we now have a list of the most widely used Developer Tools, i.e. Game Engines.

If you’re a new developer looking to give serious game development a try – or are silently wondering whether the tool of your choice is actually a good idea – this is the biggest baddest list you will ever come across.

More Info: Unity3D (52.9%)

If you know anything about game development at all, you are likely already aware of Unity3D‘s existence. According the Official Unity3D Press Page: “34% of top 1000 free mobile games are Made with Unity.”

Although impressive numbers, this is nothing compared to the 52.9% of developers using Unity we discovered during our interview process. This is likely due to its excellent Platform Support, Large Developer Community, and availability to new developers (free).

Of this 52.9% a small yet growing percentage of new developers were seen using a popular Unity Plugin called PlayMaker ($65.00), in their game Development. PlayMaker is a Plugin which adds a Visual Scripting Interface into the Unity Editor – removing the need to read or write code in order to make games with Unity3D.

This is a very interesting statistic considering Buildbox ($99.00 Per Month) is rumoured to be releasing its latest update Buildbox 3 which is said to work using a similar node based Visual Scripting Interface.

More Info: Xcode (8.2%)

Xcode (free) is an obvious one for anyone looking to develop games targeted specifically for iOS devices. Xcode is Apple’s native app development interface and as is to be expected, an ever growing percentage of developers scripted their games using the popular new language Swift.

More Info: Buildbox (6.9%)

Buildbox ($99.00 Per Month) as we mentioned above is no-doubt the most expensive Developer Tool in our list – unless you count buying a $2,000 MacBook Pro in order to download Xcode.

With a simple and easy user interface Buildbox does make developing simple games easier than other platforms we have worked with, although with more and more options becoming readily available it is becoming harder to justify the high price-tag.

On average Developers using Buildbox created up to 10x as many games as developers on other platforms. Although the quality of their games were often questionable…

More Info: Cocos2D-X (3.4%) / Cocos2D (2.4%)

Cocos2D-X (and Cocos2D) are both popular Game Engines among experienced Game Developers. Although a well established platform, the number of new developers using the platform seems to be diminishing according to our reports.