Defend the Cake by Defend the Cake LLC – Introduction

A quick introduction to Defend the Cake by Defend the Cake LLC

Defend the Cake (by Defend the Cake LLC) is a casual tower defense game for your iOS or Android device.

Available “right now” on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, Defend the Cake is a game we can hopefully feature on Edamame Reviews in just a short time!

Every one of your “comments” and “shares” on social media pushes Defend the Cake a step closer toward a full review on Edamame Reviews. Time to show your support! 😆

With a cute 2D design, a premium price-tag, and who knows what other cool things might be coming next! This is our quick intro article with the developer of Defend the Cake.


The Pitch – by Defend the Cake LLC

Defend the Cake is a deliciously well-polished tower defense about defending your castles made of cake from bugs that are coming to steal it, with gameplay that is both accessible and strategically deep.
• Place your Cake, you choose the path the bugs take
• Each level is a unique puzzle
• Cute and approachable art style
• Day/Night cycle: Take all the time you want to plan your defenses during the Day, then when you’re ready, fend off bugs in an action-packed Night by Powering Up your defenses!

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