DARK WAVE – Wow, this game is beautiful…

DARK WAVE by Semidome - Review


DARK WAVE by Semidome

[better-reviews] Do you enjoy playing tricky avoider games on your iOS or Android device? If so, you’re in luck because today we would like to share with you the single most abstract avoider game we’ve ever seen on iOS! For Android users, there doesn’t seem to be a release date for Android so you may just be out of luck this time…

DARK WAVE (by Semidome) is an abstract avoider game about a small white ball, countless obstacles, and a colorful wave. In most games, the most memorable “thing” is the character you play. In the case of DARK WAVE it is a completely different story. All you’ll remember about this game are the waves!

Set atop an ever moving 3D wave, your mission in this game is to collect stardust as you try to avoid obstacles that are tossed down the wave toward you. The game is incredibly simple and easy to play, simply swipe left / right on the screen of your device in order to speedily switch between 1 of 3 lanes in order to avoid getting hit.

…now, how this game differs from pretty much every other avoider game we’ve ever seen is, the obstacles in this game are “almost” powerless when put up against the laws of physics…

Instead of making a beeline toward your player, even the obstacles in this game are abstract! Getting tossed about by the dips and rises in the stage/wave, you’ll need to keep an eye out for what is coming up ahead in order to work out whether or not your player is actually safe in the lane you are currently in. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting hit by something that started out on the other side of the wave!

With beautiful 3D graphics, a mystifying soundtrack we aren’t exactly sure how to describe, and 2 gameplay modes, “Levels” and “Endless”, for you to try out – DARK WAVE is a game we found really difficult to fully grasp, making it both challenging and fun at the same time.😅

Just when we thought we had it, we moved on to level 10 which adds a whole new dynamic into the game. Just for reference, there are 50 levels for you to complete, so we still have a long way to go…

The Conclusion

If you are completely and utterly sick of playing the same sort of avoider game over and over again, DARK WAVE may just be the game you’ve been waiting for. With a very original game mechanic, we’ve never actually seen used like this before, DARK WAVE may just be the crazy new avoider game you’ve been waiting for…

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