Crystalrect – Basically Chameleon Run only with Gravity!

by ZPLAY and Sweet Dumpling Studio - Review

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Crystalrect by ZPLAY and Sweet Dumpling Studio

[better-reviews] Do you remember falling in love with a cool game called Chameleon Run (by Noodlecake Studios) a few years ago? If so, today we’ve got a game from (ZPLAY and Sweet Dumpling Studio) you’re not going to want to miss…! Crystalrect – basically Chameleon Run only with Gravity!

Set on a minimalistic 3D stage almost identical to that of Chameleon Run, your mission in Crystalrect is to skillfully change the direction in which gravity pulls your player down in order to avoid obstacles and prevent your player from falling off the stage. Falling “up” or “down” off the stage is surprisingly easy to do…

Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to change the direction in which gravity pulls you, Crystalrect starts off relatively slow and easy, then slowly but surely becomes more and more challenging! With different colored blocks that prevent you from changing the gravity of your player – only allowing you to jump instead of sticking to the roof – Crystalrect isn’t exactly an easy game for you to master…

Featuring 18 challenging levels for you to master and little more –  no skins or unlockable characters – Crystalrect features all the essentials you need in a great runner-game and not much else. For some players, this may not be enough, while others may find Crystalrect’s low level of additional functionality just right.

It is really up to you. 😉

With nice low-poly graphics (that don’t exactly compare with the amazing graphics in Chameleon Run), not too many Ads, and interestingly enough no Airplane Mode, this is a game with not too many strengths or weaknesses. A fairly average game…

The Conclusion

Although there isn’t really a lot to help this game stand out, there also isn’t a lot to complain about either. Making Crystalrect one of the harder types of games to write an exiting review about…

If you’re after a simple game that has all the essentials and not much more or less, this is the game for you.

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