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Crabby Feet by Table Command, LLC is a fast, simple, and FREE, mini-game where you squash crabs…

Ok, I know squashing crabs may sound a little grotesque for people with an overly active imagination, but in the sense of Crabby Feet, it’s different.

Seriously, it’s pretty cute…

Anyway continuing our review, the game itself is pretty easy.

All you do is tap on crabs that scuttle across or stop on your screen. I made it to 220 or so without ever really putting effort in.

Judging from the fact that it doesn’t get any harder as the game progresses I’m guessing that Crabby Feet is targeted for younger children.

I tested my theory out on an unsuspecting 8 year old who had a great time playing the game.


The Conclusion

If you have a smaller child you’d like to keep happy for 10 minutes or so while you do the dishes, Crabby Feet is a game you’ll find handy to have on your iPhone.

Plus, with such an amazing price tag, there is nothing holding you back.



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