Cosmic Path – Boring at first… But then…!?

Cosmic Path by GalacticThumb - Review




Cosmic Path by GalacticThumb

Some games are boring. …sorry guys, it’s true. …and unfortunately, this is one of the simplest most boring games you will ever find with this level of quality… Until Suddenly Everything Changes⁉️

Cosmic Path is a game about collecting dots on a gridded 2D stage floating somewhere out in the middle of space. Af first, this game is almost sickeningly simple. Featuring a swipe based gameplay system, your mission in this game is to collect all the white dots scattered around each stage within a given number of moves.

Although this gameplay system is pretty much a mind numbingly tricky puzzle game just waiting to happen(!), our review team foolishly played through the simplest of levels in this game, (which there are a number of), thinking “Boring…” until suddenly it struck us…😅

Cosmic Path is one of those games that will suddenly throw you a curve ball, crushing everything you thought you ever knew about the very game you are playing!

Featuring a total of 100 uniquely challenging levels you won’t want to take lightly, Cosmic Path is simple and easy to play… But impossibly puzzling none-the-less…

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The Conclusion

Are you in need of a puzzle game that both looks and is simple, (at first) until things suddenly take a sharp turn toward impossibly challenging?

Well, this is the game for you… Don’t regret it…😆

Want to give Cosmic Path a try? The download link is just below😉

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