Cosmic Gravity by Some Hipster Punk – Introduction

A quick introduction to Cosmic Gravity by Some Hipster Punk

Cosmic Gravity (by Some Hipster Punk) is a simplistic adventure game for your Android device.

Available “right now” on Google Play, Cosmic Gravity is a game we can hopefully feature on Edamame Reviews sometime very soon!

Every one of your “comments” and “shares” on social media pushes Cosmic Gravity a step closer toward a full review on Edamame Reviews. So be generous with your support! 😆

With an artistic 2D design, a premium price-tag, and who knows what’s coming next! This is our quick intro article with the developer of Cosmic Gravity.


The Pitch – by Some Hipster Punk

Cosmic Gravity is a Lovecraftian horror arcade game. It’s designed as a callback to old arcade games and progresses in difficulty the longer the game is played. The longer the game is played the more the story is eluded to through dialogue and visual storytelling.

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