Cooped Up – Wow! are these birds ugly…

Cooped Up by Nitrome - Review



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Cooped Up by Nitrome

As a child were you shocked at how cute baby dogs (i.e. puppies) baby cats (i.e. kittens) are compared with baby birds! (i.e. ugly featherless chicks…) To some of us, this was quite a shock…

Cooped Up is a game about an exhausted looking bird – seriously someone needs to help this guy(!) – trying to move up the perch wire ranks without crashing into some of the ugliest baby birds we have ever seen both in and outside the world of video games! These birds are hideous!

Now, if you’ve played a number of games from the Nitrome team, chances are you already know how simple and easy to play most of their games are, and Cooped Up is no different. Played using a simple (Touch & Drag) mechanic to control the direction in which you shoot your bird your mission in this game is to fling your bird from wire to wire without crashing into any of the hideous creatures that attempt to block your path.

Although playing this game doesn’t require too much speed, you will need to more relatively quickly in order to avoid getting rammed by one of the many ugly birds that, (for some unknown reason), seem to hate you.

Last but not least, every 10 bugs you eat your bird will power up(!), boosting itself up 10 or so levels before returning to normal. Definitely worth collecting if you’re aiming for a new high score😉

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The Conclusion

If you’ve always had a skill for avoiding ugly birds and would like to put your abilities to the test! This is the game for you! …Highly unlikely…

For everyone else, Cooped Up is a simple and fun slingshot game with excellent pixel graphics you simply won’t want to miss.

Want to give Cooped Up a try? The download link is just below😉

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