Color Switch by Fortafy Games – Review

Insanely hard but yet, addictive(?)


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Color Switch by Fortafy Games; Insanely hard but yet, addictive(?)

Today we’ve got another immensely famous game we haven’t had the chance to review… Up until now! This is our review of Color Switch – a “strangely” addictive minimalist color game you seriously need to try.

If we were to describe Color Switch in one sentence it would be, “Color Switch; a vertical Flappy Bird with new and elaborate ways of killing you…” Sound intriguing?

Color Switch is definitely one of the hardest games we’ve reviewed recently, but for some reason when you “get it”, it suddenly becomes strangely addictive.

The entire game is based around rotating color wheels that stack up to infinity above your player. Your player – a ball that is one of four colors, (blue, yellow, purple, or red) –  moves a little like how you’d expect the bird in flappy bird to fly if it was trying to fly directly up. Not the easiest thing to control…

Your mission in this game, is to jump up as high as possible without hitting any non matching colors. You see, each color wheel is also made up of blue, yellow, purple, or red and as long as your ball is the same color as the section of the wheel it is passing though you’re safe, any other color and instant “Game Over.”

The concept itself is rather simple, and should only take you a few seconds to figure out, but actually managing to gain control over your flappy bird like player requires skill. Sometimes your player will jump too high and bump the wheel above, sometimes it will get too low and scrape the wheel below. If this doesn’t sound hard enough, there are numerous other elaborate trap like obstacles you’ll be required to pass though that make this game almost impossible.

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The Conclusion

Why this combination of death traps designed to help you pull out all your hair is so addictive we don’t know, but once you “get it” Color Switch becomes a strangely addictive game you’ll actually begin to enjoy.

Perhaps it’s the spinning color wheels hypnotising effects? We don’t know, but if you’re the type that likes games that seem almost impossible, here it is in all it’s glory!

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