Color Meteorite by Garibgames – Introduction

A quick introduction to Color Meteorite by Garibgames

Color Meteorite (by Garibgames) is a casual arcade game for your iOS device.

Available “right now” on the Apple App Store, Color Meteorite is a game we may be checking out on Edamame Reviews sometime very soon!

Every one of your “comments” and “shares” on social media pushes Color Meteorite a step closer toward a full review on Edamame Reviews. Yep, you can go crazy! 😅

With a somewhat artistic 3D design, an unknown number of Ads, (since we have yet to review the game), and who knows what more there is to come! This is our quick intro article with the developer of Color Meteorite.


The Pitch – by Garibgames

Hit the matching color tube with the ball. Match colors to mix them, complete the sequence to get a colorful meteorite.

Remember hitting the tube at the center of the spherical part to get a better bounce.

Use one finger, and slide it horizontally in the screen, to rotate the meteorite.

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