Color Fence – The next step in the evolution of Flow…



Color Fence by McPeppergames

If you loved the ultra-popular game Flow by Big Duck Games, today we’ve got a game you are going to love! Are you ready to jump aboard the next big puzzle game? Well, this may, (or may not), be it…!

Color Fence is a great game with a few annoying issues. Starting out with what is great – the theory behind the game is great! Centered around building fences in order to encircle some colored blocks on the stage, while leaving out others, Color Fence is one of those games that looks simple, but requires you to think way more than you would have ever first imagined!

With a simplistic design, lots of levels, and a solution that is always so obvious it’s painful, this game gives players, (like us), who were heavily addicted to Flow a strange sense of nostalgia, we actually kind of like.

Now, getting into the not so good – the controls aren’t exactly the best. Every so often your fences will seemingly get a mind of their own and zig-zag off in some odd direction you weren’t exactly planning. Not fun…

Worse still however, are the sheer number of Ads you are required to sit through in order to do anything! Each time you make a mistake and need to restart, each time you start a new level, each time you do anything(!) you will be forced to watch a 5-second advertisement…

Although we all need to eat, the number of Ads in this game does seem a little excessive…

The Conclusion

Is Color Fence a great game? 100% Yes! However, we would love to see just a little more work put into the overall user experience. Right now, the game is only sort-of fun to play…

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  • Intuitiveness 7
  • Addictiveness 3
  • Graphics 8
  • Price 9
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