Circle – Simple, Easy, yet Impossible…

Circle by Ketchapp - Review



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Circle by Ketchapp

Have you ever played with a wire circuit puzzle/balance game? (often referred to as a Buzz Wire?) Although extremely simple, actually managing to get your ring from start to finish without accidentally touching the center wire can be extremely difficult…

Circle is pretty much an endless digital version of Buzz Wire for your smartphone, and boy is it difficult! Although your wire in this game doesn’t bend anywhere near as erratically as it does in real life, the hoop you are required to play with has a strange tendency to move like the bird in Flappy Bird…

Played using a hoop that moves in a strikingly similar fashion to the bird in Flappy Bird, your mission in this game is to “Flap” your way along a neverending wire without accidentally bumping it with the top or bottom of your hoop, not the easiest thing to manage…

Although definitely not one of the easiest games to master, Circle is one of the easier games to learn and play if you don’t mind losing… a LOT…!!!

The Conclusion

Featuring a clean set of minimalist graphics, a number of different modes including a Hard Mode (isn’t this game hard enough), a Race Mode, and an abundance of hoops to unlock, Circle is the perfect game for anyone who “thinks” they have superb hand-eye coordination. Think Again..!.

Want to give Circle a try? The download link is just below😉

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