Circle Hurdle – A simple game that is “not so simple” in practice…

Circle Hurdle by DeadCoolApps - Review




Circle Hurdle by DeadCoolApps

Today we’ve got a game based around an “Erratic Circle”, “3 Spikes”, and a “Ball…” Sound challenging?

Circle Hurdle is actually a very simple game. Based around a circle with 3 inward facing spikes attached around the sides, your mission in this game is to jump over the spikes as the circle slowly rotates.

Your player, (a ball positioned at the bottom of your circle) is controlled using simple tap controls, (“Single Tap” to “Single Jump”, “Double Tap” to “Double Jump”) and that’s about it. This game would be mind numbingly simple if it weren’t for the fact that your circle in Circle Hurdle can be rather erratic…

You see, after every full rotation your circle makes, it will pause – and, for a split second actually stop – before randomly spinning either left or right at a random speed…

Although at first a small change in speed and direction may not seem like enough to throw you off, after playing 10 or so games, you’ll soon realise just how hard it is to get to 8-9 rotations without dying!

As you have probably already figured, Circle Hurdle isn’t a hard game to play, but it is an extremely difficult one to master.

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The Conclusion

Do you enjoy simple challenges? Circle Hurdle is a super simple game that will successfully manage to stump you every single time!

Want to put your skill to the test? The download link is just below😉

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