Looper – You are your own worst enemy…😈

Looper by Nurkhametov Tagir Can you remember way back to a time when a game called Lemmings was all the rage? Released way back in 1991, Lemmings is estimated to have sold around 20 million...

Interview with the uaJoyTech Team, the developers of Aqueducts

Our interview with the uaJoyTech Team, the developers of Aqueducts: prevent a drought Love beautiful low-poly games? If so, today we've got an interview that may give you just a little extra insight into what goes into creating...

Interview with the RawHand Studio team, the developers of SpaceTapTap

  Our interview with the RawHand Studio team, the developers of SpaceTapTap Find a popular game just a little too fast, hard, or uncontrollable? Perhaps you should check out a clone... Today we would like to share...
Space Frontier

Interview with Part Time Monkey the developer Space Frontier🚀

    Our interview with Part Time Monkey the developer Space Frontier https://youtu.be/ADRtRN3Ir3s Have you ever wanted to launch your very own rocket? A few years ago you would have been considered crazy! ...now, not so much... SpaceX... Elon...
Hand of God

Hand of God – The tiny people in your smartphone📲

Hand of God - Top Clicker & Tap Games by Playgendary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-aHoWr36u48 Have you ever wanted to dive into your tv and punch a guy who deserves to be hit, but due to the complications of...

1LINE – A one-stroke puzzle game✏️

1LINE - one-stroke puzzle game by Sentaro Gamekawa "✏️Can you draw this image without lifting your pen?" ...do you enjoy mentally drawing out the simple puzzles commonly found in newspapers, magazines, and spammy banner...
Space Frontier

Space Frontier – Most addictive Ketchapp game yet!

Space Frontier by Ketchapp / Part Time Monkey https://youtu.be/ADRtRN3Ir3s Are you a long time fan of Ketchapp games? We are(!) and so when we found out about Space Frontier we couldn't help but give it a try!...
Foodpia Tycoon

Foodpia Tycoon – Dominate the fast food world👽

Foodpia Tycoon by STORMX How many theme parks have you managed in your life? If you were a fan of the classic RollerCoaster Tycoon, chances are you've managed countless parks of all different sizes over the...
Oil Tycoon

Oil Tycoon – When will this game be outdated…😅

Oil Tycoon - A Tap City Inc & Idle Clicker Game by Holy Cow Studio No matter where you live, no matter who you are, no matter what your job or religion, this is...
Teeny Sheep

Tiny Sheep – Yet another evil farming game…😈

Tiny Sheep by Mindstorm Studios https://youtu.be/qiY5gvuhzvk One of our most popular reviews on Edamame Reviews is by far our review of Egg, Inc. by Auxbrain, Inc. This game is so evil it isn't funny(!) Yet it still accumulated...



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