Telepaint – A Puzzle Game About A Bucket…?

Telepaint is an extremely well-made puzzle game that kind of makes sense... Centered around a living breathing teleporting Paint Bucket that wanders around a 2D stage in search of an equally odd Paint Brush...
White Trip

White Trip – Race The Ever Glowing Sunset!

Do you take pride in the games you allow yourself to play? Are you a snobby gamer who can't stand lowering your standards to what is considered "normal" by most mobile gamers?
Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity – Pure-Amazingness in a Game…

Have you forever had this strange fascination with space? Imagine, jumping from galaxy to galaxy, battling space pirates, and exploring the very edges of space itself!...what an adventure...!
Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie Jam Blast – Another Enticing Puzzle Game…?

At this point, it is almost impossible to live in modern society without ever coming across the name Candy Crush. Whether you love puzzle games or not, chances are at some point in time you yourself have played one of these scrumptious little games and have gotten heavily addicted...
Magikarp Jump

Magikarp Jump – A game about everyone’s favorite Pokemon!

After reading the headlines we thought, is this legit? After downloading the game all we could do was... Magikarp Jump is the 4th Pokemon game to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play and is by far the "best game", in a funny sense, we've seen in pretty much forever!

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