HYPER BEAM – A Twin-Stick Arcade Survival Game

Chances are, in your lifetime you have attempted to perform 2 tasks of seemingly equal difficulty simultaneously. Although some may argue that women are better than men at performing tricky tasks like this, try writing 2 separate sentences with your left and right hand simultaneously... It's hard...!
Cubie Adventure

Cubie Adventure – A Fully Immersive Arcade Experience!

Are you one of the few individuals who live in 2017 and still regularly visit gaming arcades? If so, today we've got a game that will both make your life far more convenient, and may just put the few remaining arcades out of business...
Canyon Crash

Interview with the QuickByte Team, the developers of Canyon Crash

Every now and then do you have this strange desire to play a ridiculously awesome game that doesn't really make sense when you think about it, but is still awesome none the less? Today we would like to share our interview with the QuickByte Team the developers of Canyon Crash.
Carrying boxes

Carrying boxes – It’s Party Time!

Do you simply love being in charge? If looking down on people from your high perch above everyone else is something you love, chances are you have few/no friends. That's why today we've got just the game to occupy some of your lonely free time...
Subdivision Infinity

Subdivision Infinity – Pure-Amazingness in a Game…

Have you forever had this strange fascination with space? Imagine, jumping from galaxy to galaxy, battling space pirates, and exploring the very edges of space itself!...what an adventure...!
Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie Jam Blast – Another Enticing Puzzle Game…?

At this point, it is almost impossible to live in modern society without ever coming across the name Candy Crush. Whether you love puzzle games or not, chances are at some point in time you yourself have played one of these scrumptious little games and have gotten heavily addicted...
Canyon Crash

Canyon Crash – So Real it Looks and Sounds Painful!

Have you ever considered mining as an occupation? Depending on how serious you are with your daydreaming, you may or may not have pictured a large scale coal mine powered by heavy machinery and millions of dollars...
Unplugged The Game – Charge me!

Unplugged The Game – 20 years of practice but yet…

Can you imagine, what we know as "The USB" is 20 years old! Now used in over 10 billion devices worldwide, "The USB" is something we simply cannot live without... Until USB-C takes over the world that is...
Magikarp Jump

Magikarp Jump – A game about everyone’s favorite Pokemon!

After reading the headlines we thought, is this legit? After downloading the game all we could do was... Magikarp Jump is the 4th Pokemon game to hit the Apple App Store and Google Play and is by far the "best game", in a funny sense, we've seen in pretty much forever!
Timber Tennis

Timber Tennis – Can A Lumberjack Play Tennis…!?

Timber Tennis by DIGITAL MELODY https://youtu.be/padF2VzGc6I TIMBERMAN is back! Your favorite pixelated lumberjack is back in the game with a fresh new outfit and fully equipped with a tennis racket! ...Wait, what...!? Timber Tennis is the...