Spin Out

Spin Out – Another Simple Game To Drive You Nuts!

Spin Out by NORMAN ROZENTAL https://youtu.be/4CXoihRxyMo Do you have a friend that seems more robot than human? A friend that always seems to do everything right, just in the most boring and robotic manner possible...? Today...
Cosmic Path

Cosmic Path – Boring at first… But then…!?

Cosmic Path by GalacticThumb https://youtu.be/2tx1S3p_hHM Some games are boring. ...sorry guys, it's true. ...and unfortunately, this is one of the simplest most boring games you will ever find with this level of quality... Until Suddenly Everything Changes⁉️ Cosmic...
Calculator The Game

Calculator: The Game – Your Favorite Mathematical Sidekick!

Calculator: The Game by Simple Machine https://youtu.be/w5yyY341-4A When was the last time you solved anything harder than a sudoku puzzle without the help of your favorite mathematical sidekick... After all the stress of exams, mountains of paperwork...

Laps – The Fastest Number Puzzle You Will Ever Play!

Laps - Fuse by QuickByte Games https://youtu.be/olEF86uJzvo Are you a fan of simple yet strangely addictive number puzzles such as 2048. If so, chances are your life lacks Action! For players who have always wanted an...

Cyclus – The Timing is Everything…!

Cyclus by Tiny Games https://youtu.be/dZMrCDczo2U Do you love spending hours playing casual games on your smartphone? If you're anything like us, chances are you are extremely skilled at getting to about stage 4 or 5 of...
Knight Saves Queen

Knight Saves Queen – A Game Everyone, (but the King), Will Enjoy!

Have you ever "modified" how you play Chess? Once as an experiment, our team tried playing chess where every piece on the board besides the king was forced to move like a knight!  ...Suddenly the King was the most powerful piece on the board...
Swing King

Swing King – Nitrome… Is that you…?

Swing King by Shedworks Digital https://youtu.be/3DJKRg-6jmQ You can't hide it. Today we've got an awesome little game with the look, feel, and quality of a game published by Nitrome! ...but is actually the first title published...

Telepaint – A Puzzle Game About A Bucket…?

Telepaint is an extremely well-made puzzle game that kind of makes sense... Centered around a living breathing teleporting Paint Bucket that wanders around a 2D stage in search of an equally odd Paint Brush...

SQUARCLE – Color Matching Madness!

SQUARCLE by KASUMUSHI When was the last time you mistook the Sun for the Moon... Never? Good, we don't need to introduce you to a psychologist... SQUARCLE is a simple game centered around matching same colored shapes in...

Interview with ALMA Games, the developers of Roller Quad

Our interview with ALMA Games Studio, the developers of Roller Quad Are you in need of an ultra simple phisics based puzzle game with a gameplay system that will first shock you with its...



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