Super Car Plane!

Super Car Plane! – Total “Ridiculousness”… But Fun!

As you lustfully scroll through the millions of images of supercars on Google or Pinterest, have you ever absently wondered to yourself, "I wonder if that car could fly?" ...No? Well, that's a shame...

Ballz – If Breakout Became a Smash Hit In 2017…?

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder what would happen if the popular game Breakout from 1972 became popular in 2017? We didn't because before we knew it "this game" was upon us!
Running Man

Running Stick – A Fast And Furious Runner Game Featuring…!

Do you love to doodle? Doodling is great fun(!), especially if you happen to be one of the many annoyingly gifted artists this world has to offer. Today we’ve got a game that looks like a doodle taken right from the sketchbook of a “less fortunate” artist…😓
Roller Quad

Roller Quad – Designed To Make You Cry…

Just having a great time? ...Today we've got a simple game with the potential to ruin your lovely day... Are you sure you want to proceed...? Roller Quad is a simple physics-based puzzle game with a gameplay system that will have you scratching your head in a confused stupor.
The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava – Does This Even Need a Review…?

Are you still a burning fan of the hot now trend "THE FLOOR IS LAVA!"...? If so, today we've got just the game to satisfy your childish needs! This is our review of a game that totally doesn't need reviewing!
Flipping Legend

Flipping Legend – Do You Have What It Takes?

Have you ever wondered whether you have what it takes to become a Flipping Legend!? Well, today we've got a game that puts your true inner legendary-ness to the test.

Think you’re too small to Advertise? Think Again!

It is 2017 and the Mobile App Industry is quite literally BOOMING. According to the International Business Times, developers were submitting over 1,000 apps a day to the Apple App Store way back in 2015...
Zombie Dash

Zombie Dash – Wait a sec, isn’t this Skull Dash?

What is the difference between a Living Skeleton and a Zombie...? Since they are both dead and hopefully(?) only live in awesome fictitious stories, are they actually pretty much the same thing? Another question to ask Reddit...
Watch Yo! Back

Watch Yo! Back – Smash, Crush, and Destroy!!!

Do you ever feel like turning into a massive green monster and destroying everything in sight? ...We'll today we've got just the game for you! Now you can stop hanging around labs in hopes of getting caught up in an explosion of gamma radiation...
White Trip

White Trip – Race The Ever Glowing Sunset!

Do you take pride in the games you allow yourself to play? Are you a snobby gamer who can't stand lowering your standards to what is considered "normal" by most mobile gamers?