Rider by Ketchapp – Flip, Jump, and Flip Again!

...7 Years from its release in 2010, are you still in love with the "Light Cycles" from the arguably awesome film Tron...? Well, today we've got a game that was practically designed for you!

Ballz – If Breakout Became a Smash Hit In 2017…?

Have you ever taken a moment to wonder what would happen if the popular game Breakout from 1972 became popular in 2017? We didn't because before we knew it "this game" was upon us!
The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava – Does This Even Need a Review…?

Are you still a burning fan of the hot now trend "THE FLOOR IS LAVA!"...? If so, today we've got just the game to satisfy your childish needs! This is our review of a game that totally doesn't need reviewing!
Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner – Is This a Joke…!? or not…?

So, are you one of the many individuals enjoying - or despising - the fidget spinner craze? If so, today we've got a game you will either love, hate, or have absolutely no idea what to make of...

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