Calculator The Game

Calculator: The Game – Your Favorite Mathematical Sidekick!

Calculator: The Game by Simple Machine When was the last time you solved anything harder than a sudoku puzzle without the help of your favorite mathematical sidekick... After all the stress of exams, mountains of paperwork...

Laps – The Fastest Number Puzzle You Will Ever Play!

Laps - Fuse by QuickByte Games Are you a fan of simple yet strangely addictive number puzzles such as 2048. If so, chances are your life lacks Action! For players who have always wanted an...
Knight Saves Queen

Knight Saves Queen – A Game Everyone, (but the King), Will Enjoy!

Have you ever "modified" how you play Chess? Once as an experiment, our team tried playing chess where every piece on the board besides the king was forced to move like a knight!  ...Suddenly the King was the most powerful piece on the board...

Telepaint – A Puzzle Game About A Bucket…?

Telepaint is an extremely well-made puzzle game that kind of makes sense... Centered around a living breathing teleporting Paint Bucket that wanders around a 2D stage in search of an equally odd Paint Brush...

Interview with ALMA Games, the developers of Roller Quad

Our interview with ALMA Games Studio, the developers of Roller Quad Are you in need of an ultra simple phisics based puzzle game with a gameplay system that will first shock you with its...
Roller Quad

Roller Quad – Designed To Make You Cry…

Just having a great time? ...Today we've got a simple game with the potential to ruin your lovely day... Are you sure you want to proceed...? Roller Quad is a simple physics-based puzzle game with a gameplay system that will have you scratching your head in a confused stupor.
Cookie Jam Blast

Cookie Jam Blast – Another Enticing Puzzle Game…?

At this point, it is almost impossible to live in modern society without ever coming across the name Candy Crush. Whether you love puzzle games or not, chances are at some point in time you yourself have played one of these scrumptious little games and have gotten heavily addicted...

cut. – How precise are your taps…?

cut. by After tapping millions of times on the flat glass screens of your mobile devices, chances are your "taps" are starting to get rather precise. Chances are you can now text people without looking down...
Shadow Scrapers

Interview with the Sky Pulse Team, the developers of Shadowscrapers

  Our interview with the Sky Pulse Team, the developers of Shadowscrapers If you're a fan of beautiful looking puzzle games and haven't heard of Shadowscrapers, you're either not doing enough research or need to read...

Make11 – Is 11 the new 2048…?

Make11 by ZPLAY After the rise and fall of 2048 a few years back there hasn't really been a viral number game... Until now! This is our review of Make11 "potentially" the next viral number game...😃 Make11...



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